Sunday, 5 July 2015

French bronze wall plaques

Despite a Methodist upbringing I am not by nature a very religious chap, yes I happily leave others to their beliefs but man's interpretation of religion often leaves me cold as sadly it's used to forward the ends of power hungry fools or very selfish people and I don't single out any's just not for me!
That isn't to say I don't appreciate certain parts of religion especially it's art and iconography, these circa 1920 French bronze wall plaques are one such example.
Found recently at a local flea market after a particularly poor days hunting finds wise!, I saw them and instantly had to buy them even though they weren't signed, something just spoke to me and said buy them so after a bit of fairly easy haggling I did!

They are roughly 9"x 7" ish and very heavy being about 1/4" thick.

I guess that they were meant to be hung on a wall originally as both have remnants of solder and the impression of a wire on the rear of the plaque.

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