Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Coaching /Pocket Candle.

It's been a while but hopefully things are now back on an even keel again, 
So here's an interesting item I found recently up in picturesque North Yorkshire, in fact I'm lying the good lady wife found it.
At first we weren't sure what it was but it looked old and interesting, on opening it it became apparent that it was a pocket or coaching candle.
I guess it was made around 1900 or maybe even of WW1 manufacture, though there is no mark to be found anywhere not even a patent number so I guess it could be earlier?

It seems to be bright nickle plated brass, I say nickle as black co mes off when you polish it and chrome doesn't really do that so that's what makes me think pre 1930 as by then chrome was coming into use. 

closed up.

opened up showing attachment spikes.


it's component parts.

In use though I can't bring myself to light it as yet, note the spikes 'grabbing' onto the wooden rail which would be ideal for a headboard in a coaching inn or a bit or WW1 trench woodwork!

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