Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Vintage shawl lapel tuxedo

It never ceases to amaze how cheaply these can be had!  I managed to find a c1930's-1940's double breasted version a while ago and was impressed by the quality and weight compared to more modern tux's.
I didn't even realise I needed another one but when I came across this c 1940's?shawl lapel version in almost NOS condition at a bargain price then I couldn't say no.

sadly no labels at all are present so unsure who made it but fit is pretty much perfect save the normal for me shortening of the legs and arms by an inch or so.,

front view showing shawl lapels in crosgrain silk.

rear view- unvented skirt

inside of lapel showing crosgrain construction.

under collar detail.

3 button cuff.

jetted jacket pocket.

hand sewn internal shoulder lining in white and black silk?

trouser rear right pocket and front fob pocket detail.

other side showing twin inward facing pleats.

waist closure fitting.

button fly closure, waistband in white silk?


pocket watch 'fob' detail.

rear 'notched' trouser back showing one of the brace buttons.

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