Sunday, 5 October 2014

Vintage photo finds-Aster flash and Philips flash bulbs

I've not posted in a while so apologies for that to all dedicated followers of this blog, I've been rather busy what with our first grandchild, the dreaded business of work and a nice almost month long holiday in Spain.

Whilst in Spain I visited a couple of car boot sales as there's always something to be had, however not a lot really took my fancy this time save for this unused 1960's? Aster battery powered flash unit from was 5 euro and even came with a full box box of unused Philips flash bulbs.

As found with Philips bulbs.

Flash unit.

Rear view.

Opened out.

Swivel 'hot shoe' mount arrangement.

Pristine battery compartment.

Bulb close up.

Back of bulb box.

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